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“Fun”damentals 1

K – 1st grade

Class Description
K-1 Grade – 30 minute classes for children who are 5/6 (turning 6/7) that offer a deeper dive into the basics of tap, ballet, and hip hop, and introduce jazz. Dancers learn not just steps but also the language of dance with an emphasis on musicality and presentation, as children at this age become more aware of the fun of performing!

  • Ballet: dancers receive technical training which includes the positions and terminology of classical ballet. Those skills are applied in the center, in across the floor exercises and at the barre. All other forms of dance require a ballet foundation in order to achieve success.
  • Tap: dancers gain the knowledge of tap terminology while gaining a sense of rhythm and timing and discovering isolation. Barre, center and across the floor exercises help increase speed, style and clarity in their sounds.
  • Jazz: dancers warm up in the center and progress in the stylistic movements of jazz with across the floor combinations. Along with rhythm, musicality and presentation dancers gain awareness of correct body placement, technique and flexibility.
  • Hip Hop: dancers participate in a high-energy warm up and across the floor/center combinations that include the latest movements in this popular style to age-appropriate music.

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